10 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $15 server

“´These instructions are the rather verbose, but hopefully easy enough to follow, steps to build a new Linux server using Varnish, Nginx, W3 Total Cache, and WordPress, to build a WordPress blog on a Amazon Micro server (or equivalent), all costing under $15 a month, capable of sustaining 10 million hits per day, as measured by blitz.io.”



Simple is a clone of Obtvse written in Python running on Flask

“The point of Simple is to be simple. The blog is 1 file (excluding resources) with a few simple pure-python dependancies, it doesn’t require a database server, has a small footprint and is fairly fast.


Its quite simple. Go download Python 2.7+, Flask, Sqlalchemy and flask-sqlalchemy and you are good to go. To create a settings file run create_config.py and enter some details, then run simple.py…”


Getting Started with Thrift and D

“First, you need a working D2/Phobos environment. Fortunately, as of DMD release 2.058, all you have to do is going to dlang.org, where you should be able to find a suitable package for your system.

Speaking of operating systems, the current code has been tested on OS X 10.6/10.7 x86/x86_64, (Arch) Linux x86/x86_64, and Windows x86using DMD. Other D compilers (GDC, LDC) might work if they are using a recent front-end version, but have not been tested…”