Scale Something: How Draw Something rode its rocket ship of growth

“We’ve learned to keep things simple. The original backend for Draw Something was designed as a simple key/value store with versioning. The service was built into our existing ruby API (using the merb framework and thin web server). Our initial idea was why not use our existing API for all the stuff we’ve done before, like users, signup/login, virtual currency, inventory; and write some new key/value stuff for Draw Something? Since we design for scale, we initially chose Amazon S3 as our data store for all this key/value data. The idea behind this was why not sacrifice some latency but gain unlimited scalability and storage.
The rest of our stack is pretty standard. Anyone who wants to build scalable systems will attempt to make every layer of the system scale independently from the rest. As the web frontend we use NGINX web server, which points to HAProxy software load balancer, which then hits our ruby API running on a thin web server. The main datastore behind this is MySQL – sharded when absolutely necessary. We use memcached heavily and redis for our asynchronous queueing, using the awesome ruby library called resque…”

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