Bytes and bitwise operators in C

“Bitwise operations have many uses. I asked a question a few months ago at, where I was taught that. The answer which I accepted contained the following list of uses (credit goes to user whatsisname):
* Juggling blocks of bytes around that don’t fit in the programming languages data types
* Switching encoding back and forth from big to little endian.
* Packing 4 6bit pieces of data into 3 bytes for some serial or usb connection
* Many image formats have differing amounts of bits assigned to each color channel.
* Anything involving IO pins in embedded applications
* Data compression, which often does not have data fit nice 8-bit boundaries.\
* Hashing algorithms, CRC or other data integrity checks.
* Encryption
* Psuedorandom number generation
* Raid 5 uses bitwise XOR between volumes to compute parity.
* Tons more…”


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