Elnode – the EmacsLisp Async Webserver

“Elnode is a webserver for Emacs 24, written in EmacsLisp. It turns your Emacs into a web platform where you can write, debug and run HTTP applications.

I have been working on Elnode for 2 years, writing applications with it and making it as usable as I can and it is now approaching a 1.0 release.

The currently available version of Elnode will be the last major release before v1.0. v1.0 will mainly be cleaning up bugs and finessing features. In particular I want it to be very easy to deploy an Elnode application with v1.0 so I will be working on Heroku integration (which technomancy already did a very good job of) and an EC2 image, a Vagrant box and any other integrations that people would be keen on.

I am hoping that people will now take a serious look at using Elnode for doing web development because it can be seriously fun…”


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