Performance data for LevelDB, Berkley DB and BangDB for Random Operations

“The goal for the paper is to provide the performances data for following embedded databases under various scenarios for random operations such as write and read. The data is presented in graphical manner to make the data self explanatory to some extent…”

A small rant about software reliability…

“I’m very serious about software reliability, and this is not just a good thing. It is good in a sense, as I tend to work to ensure that the software I release is solid. At the same time I think I take this issue a bit too personally: I get upset if I receive a crash report that I can’t investigate further for some reason, or that looks like almost impossible to me, or with an unhelpful stack trace. Guess what? This is a bad attitude because to deliver bugs free software is simply impossible. We are used to think in terms of labels: “stable”, “production ready”, “beta quality”. I think that these labels are actually pretty misleading if not put in the right perspective…”