Component Programming in D

Why we love Twitter Bootstrap and why you should too…

“Bootstrap is a ‘sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development’. What that really means is it gives you all the building blocks to build beautiful and functional websites without falling into the ‘advanced’ section of web designers. That allowed me as an ‘average’ web developer build beautiful, responsive websites. When I first started looking at building websites over 10 years ago I would have loved a framework like Bootstrap.

For anyone that doesn’t know a ‘responsive website’ is one that resizes itself depending what size screen you are viewing it on. In a world of mobile, tablet and desktop that is very important. Bootstrap helps put all this in place for you leaving you time to focus on site content and features…”

Three CSS features you need to know about

“The heated competition between web browsers means that most users are now accessing the Internet from devices that support a range of cutting-edge W3C standards in a truly interoperable manner. This means that we can finally leverage powerful and flexible CSS functions to produce cleaner, more maintainable frontend code. Let’s have a look at some of the more exciting choices you may not even be aware of…”

Data Placement in Swift

“One of the hard problems that needs to be solved in a distributed storage system is to figure out how to effectively place the data within the storage cluster. Swift has a “unique-as-possible” placement algorithm which ensures that the data is placed efficiently and with as much protection from hardware failure as possible.

Swift places data into distinct availability zones to ensure both high durability and high availability. An availability zone is a distinct set of physical hardware with unique failure mode isolation. In a large deployment, availability zones may be defined as unique facilities in a large data center campus. In a single-DC deployment, the availability zones may be unique rooms, separated by firewalls and powered with different utility providers. A multi-rack cluster may choose to define availability zones as a rack and everything behind a single top-of-rack switch. Swift allows a deployer to choose how to define availability zones based on the particular details of the available infrastructure…”

JavaScript Best Practices & Gotchas

“This is the JavaScript best practices and standards guide that we use at PULSE, the web agency for EA SPORTS.

Although this guide is primarily centered around front-end JavaScript, most of the practices here are equally applicable to back-end JavaScript in node.js…”

“JavaScript has a lot of weird behaviours that trip up noobs to the language – especially those acquainted with more traditional OOP languages. Hopefully this guide will provide a quickly scannable, easily understood list to save a lot of pain to those getting acquainted with the language…”

Learn Node.js Completely and with Confidence

“There are countless tutorials on Node.js, but most are not good enough resources for learning Node.js thoroughly, and it is very frustrating to discern which tutorials, if any, are best for learning Node.js properly. Most of them lack the requisite depth and structure you need to learn Node.js completely.

I read a good bit of Node.js tutorials when I learned Node.js about a year ago. I also wasted a good bit of time on some of the tutorials. Some of them were disappointing (I didn’t learn anything substantive) and frustratingly unedifying. I will neither name the unhelpful tutorials nor list the links here, but suffice to say, don’t waste your time following lots of Node.js online tutorials to learn Node.js from the ground up.

I am confident there are some excellent Node.js tutorials, but you have to weed through many mediocre tutorials to find the great ones. It is an inefficient way to learn Node.js. I did it and I am hopeful this guide will help you, so that you wouldn’t waste as much time as I did…”