Learning JavaScript – my experience and advice

“Since I’ve mentioned a few times that I just learned JavaScript over the last few months, a bunch of people have emailed to ask what I used and recommend to learn it. So here’s my experience and best advice for 2013.

NOTE: I wanted to really learn JavaScript – not shortcuts, quick tricks, or meta-tools that keep me from having to learn JavaScript. I want to learn it, get it, read it, understand it, and memorize it, so that I can understand all the other cool things written in JavaScript for years to come.

First – a bunch of people will tell you to get JavaScript: The Good Parts – by Douglas Crockford. But when I started reading it, it was so dense and succinct that I had no idea what it was talking about!

You know when an expert is talking about their field, and don’t know how to simplify it for just anyone? Well, this book felt like it’d be perfect for someone who’s been programming for 20 years in C, Java, and C++, and just needs a quick overview of what they should know about JavaScript…”