ZooKeeper vs. Doozer vs. Etcd

“ZooKeeper is the most well known (and oldest) project we’ve looked into. It’s used by a few big players (Rackspace, Yahoo, eBay, Youtube) and is pretty mature.”

“Doozer was developed by Heroku a few years ago. It’s written in Go (yay!), which means it compiles into a single binary that runs without dependencies. On a side-note, if you’re writing code to manage infrastructure, you should spend some time learning Go.”

“After experiencing the shortcomings of Doozer, we stumbled upon a new distributed configuration storage called etcd. It was first released by the CoreOS team a month ago.

Etcd and Doozer look pretty similar, at least on the surface. The most obvious technical difference is that ectd uses the Raft algorithm instead of Paxos. Raft is designed to be simpler and easier to implement than Paxos.”