Lisp for C++ programmers

“One old good friend of mine, whom I respect a lot and who is a very good C++ programmer, recently asked me to give him an example of how it’s possible make new language features in Lisp. He’s aware of Lisp’s ability to invent new syntax, and he’s also excited about C++11. So he wonders how is that possible to introduce new syntax into your language all by yourself, without having to wait for the committee to adopt the new feature.

I decided to write this article for C++ programmers, explaining core Lisp ideas. It’s a suicide; I’m sure as heck that I’ll fail. Great number of excellent publications on Lisp for beginners exist, and still there are people who cannot grasp what’s so special about it.

Nevertheless, I decided to try. Yet another article with introduction to Lisp won’t harm anybody, nor will it make Lisp even less popular. Let’s be honest: nobody reads this blog, anyway. :)…”