How to configure Docker to start containers on a specific IP address range

“A recurring question on the Docker mailing list and on the Docker IRC channel is “how can I change the network range used by Docker?”. While Docker itself doesn’t have a configuration option to change this network range (yet!), it is very easy to change it, and here is how…”

Netflix Open Connect Appliance Software

“Netflix delivers streaming content using a combination of intelligent clients, a central control system, and a network of Open Connect appliances.

When designing the Open Connect Appliance Software, we focused on these fundamental design goals:

Use of Open Source software
Ability to efficiently read from disk and write to network sockets
High-performance HTTP delivery
Ability to gather routing information via BGP…”

Launch a fully functional system in a second with Docker and CRIU

“A few days ago we met with Jérôme Petazzoni from Docker and discussed some interesting technical issues. I already mentioned one idea here: Run Docker on any OS in a Headless Hypervisor. Today I’ll write about idea suggested by Jérôme — CRIU snapshots for LXC containers…”