Developing Facebook Applications on OpenShift: Launch Your App

“There are a few steps you need to complete before you can begin building Facebook Applications on OpenShift, lets go ahead and get them out of the way now…”

“This is part two of Developing Facebook Applications on OpenShift. Part one showed how to get your gear and Facebook Developer Account set up and connected to each other. Those steps are necessary in order to implement what is described below…”


OpenShift Operations Open Sources its Monitoring Scripts

“Today we’re proud to announce the open sourcing of our montioring scripts. The OpenShift Online Operations Team has published the OpenShift-Zabbix repository containing the monitoring scripts to monitor an OpenShift installation.

We use these scripts to monitor OpenShift Online environment using Zabbix. They are aimed at giving OpenShift Enterprise and OpenShift Origin users a good starting point for monitoring their OpenShift deployments as well…”

Using the ZFS next-gen filesystem on Linux

“In my last article on next-gen filesystems, we did something in between a generic high altitude overview of next-gen filesystems and a walkthrough of some of btrfs’ features and usage. This time, we’re going to specifically look at what ZFS brings to the table, walking through getting it installed and using it on one of the more popular Linux distributions: Precise Pangolin. That’s the most current Long Term Support (LTS) Ubuntu release…”