Machine Learning With Python

“Machine learning (ML) teaches machines how to carry out tasks by themselves. It is that simple. The answer is No. This article will give you a broad overview of the types of learning algorithms that are currently used in the diverse fields of machine learning and what to watch out for when applying them.

The goal of machine learning is to teach machines (software) to carry out tasks by providing them with a couple of examples (how to do or not do a task). Let us assume that each morning when you turn on your computer, you perform the same task of moving e-mails around so that only those e-mails belonging to a particular topic end up in the same folder. After some time, you feel bored and think of automating this chore. One way would be to start analyzing your brain and writing down all the rules your brain processes while you are shuffling your e-mails. However, this will be quite cumbersome and always imperfect. While you will miss some rules, you will over-specify others. A better and more future-proof way would be to automate this process by choosing a set of e-mail meta information and body/folder name pairs and let an algorithm come up with the best rule set. The pairs would be your training data, and the resulting rule set (also called model) could then be applied to future e-mails that we have not yet seen. This is machine learning in its simplest form…”