Catch and Handle Signals in Perl

“Signals are types of messages sent by an operating system to a process such as a Perl program. Signals provide a method for communicating with a process, for example when running a command line program pressing control-c will send the interrupt signal (‘SIGINT’) to the program by default terminating it. Signals are often unexpected and if not handled can leave your Perl program or data in an unfinished state. This article describes some useful Perl programming tools for gracefully handling signals…”

use sigtrap qw/die normal-signals/;–Here-s-why

Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering

“Human logic, unlike that of the machines which we program and use every day, isn’t perfect. We make mistakes, we establish bad mental habits, and we have many cognitive biases that negatively impact our ability to be successful engineers. I want to go over five of the most common biases that I see on a regular basis as a software engineer…”

Go vs Erlang for distribution

“Let me say from the beginning that this is not meant as a flame post. I’m genuinely interested in some issues related to Erlang’s adoption and how people outside of its community see its fitness for the domain where the insiders know it shines – building distributed systems…”

“what do Erlang programmers think about Go stealing some of the mindshare (and job-share) in the area of building distributed systems? Why would if be a good option? Or not an option at all? Just professional opinions based on your experience with Erlang please…”!topic/erlang-programming/nFWfmwK64RU

How to Choose the Right EC2 Instance for Your Application Stack

“Choosing the right EC2 instance can be tricky. If you’ve tried spinning up the same application in different regions, which is business as usual when it comes to cross-region disaster recovery, you know not every instance is always available in different regions. As a result, the challenge is to find an available EC2 instance that most closely meets your needs. While the AWS documentation does point you in the right direction, the information you need to make an educated decision is scattered across several pages…”

Research Mapping Human Emotions Shows Strong Mind Body Connection

“A team of scientists in Finland has used a topographical self-reported method to reveal the effects that different emotional states have on bodily sensations. After five experiments and over 700 participants from Finland, Sweden and Taiwan, who reported where on their bodies they felt different emotions, the scientists discovered surprising consistencies. Their research findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…”