Raft: The Understandable Distributed Consensus Protocol

“Ben Johnson has ten years of software development experience working in database architecture, distributed systems and data visualization. He is the lead developer of the Sky behavioural database project (http://skydb.io/) and lead developer of the Go implementation of the Raft protocol (https://github.com/benbjohnson/go-raft)…”


How To Use Nginx as a Global Traffic Director

“As your customer base grows, so does the distance between your server(s) and your customers. We all know that if your server load increases – you scale. But what to do when distance is the problem?

The solution is simple: install server(s) in geographical locations closer to your customer base and direct them based on their location. But how do we do this easily while being cost effective?

In this guide, we’ll configure Nginx to detect and redirect customers to a subdomain that points to a more geographically appropriate server…”


Redis on steroids: Autocomplete using Redis, Nginx and Lua

“Serving autocomplete instantaneously has always been top priority for us and till recently we hacked our way through by caching autocomplete entries on the client side (embarrassing, I know) and syncing from the backend. This helped us serve results at “Google Instant” level until the data began to hit memory limits (client side arrays sizes)…”


Five new how-to guides for mastering OpenStack

“While the official documentation for OpenStack is a fantastic resource that’s growing every day, sometimes all you’re looking for is a single-purpose guide to walk you through a specific task.

In this monthly roundup of our favorite how-tos, guides, and tutorials, we look at getting OpenStack play well with firewalld and NetworkManager, using Test Kitchen with Puppet on an OpenStack deployment, and more…”