Black or White: What Color Works Best for the Background of a Screen?

“Modern displays are now bright enough that they can be uncomfortably bright. But that effect will be seen in a dark room, not in daylight. Our visual system overall adapts (adjusts its sensitivity) to the ambient brightness by several orders of magnitude. That’s how we see in a dim room and in full sunlight, and that adjustment is the reason you are momentarily blind when you walk into a dark theater after being out of doors, or painfully squint on the way out. If your display is bright enough to be significantly brighter than anything else around it, then you’ll find it uncomfortable. But we cover this by saying you should use a dark background when in the dark. And turning down the brightness remains an option for leaving the background white. Many mobile devices automatically adjust the brightness as a function of the ambient light…brighter for brighter rooms, darker for darker rooms. Saves both battery and your eyes…”