Packet filtering in Lua

“pflua is a high-performance network packet filtering library written in Lua. It supports filters written in pflang, the filter language of the popular tcpdump tool. It’s really fast: to our knowledge, it’s the fastest pflang implementation out there, by a wide margin…”

Machine Learning Cheat Sheet Map

“Often the hardest part of solving a machine learning problem can be finding the right estimator for the job. Different estimators are better suited for different types of data and different problems. The flowchart below is designed to give users a bit of a rough guide on how to approach problems with regard to which estimators to try on your data…”

How I Start: Go

“Go is a lovely little programming language designed by smart people you can trust and continuously improved by a large and growing open-source community. Go is meant to be simple, but sometimes the conventions can be a little hard to grasp. I’d like to show you how I start all of my Go projects, and how to use Go’s idioms. Let’s build a backend service for a web app…”