Why Racket? Why Lisp?

“In prac­ti­cal pro­gram­ming projects, Lisps are rare, and Racket es­pe­cially so. Thus, be­fore I em­barked on my Lisp ad­ven­ture, I wanted to un­der­stand the costs & ben­e­fits of us­ing a Lisp. Why do Lisps have such a great rep­u­ta­tion, but so few users? Was I see­ing some­thing every­one else missed? Or did they know some­thing I didn’t? To find out, I read what­ever I could find about Lisps, in­clud­ing Paul Gra­ham’s Hack­ers & Painters and Pe­ter Seibel’s Prac­ti­cal Com­mon Lisp. (OK, parts. It’s a big book.)

What I found was plenty of Lisp flat­tery from ex­pert Lisp pro­gram­mers. (Also plenty of Lisp kvetch­ery from its de­trac­tors.) What I didn’t find were sim­ple, per­sua­sive ar­gu­ments in its fa­vor. So here’s why Racket was the right tool for this project, and what I see as the prac­ti­cal virtues of Lisps in general...”