Consistent hashing, a guide & Go library

“Consistent hashing is deceptively simple yet very powerful, but I didn’t quite understand what it was till I sat down and worked it out for myself. Before I tell you about consistent hashing, you need to understand the problem we’re trying to solve…”

Create MPEG-DASH & HLS content for Amazon S3 and Cloudfront

“This blog post provides a step-by-step tutorial for generating MPEG-DASH content using the bitcodin cloud transcoding platform, storing it on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage and distributing it via Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN…”

How We Boosted Counting Performance by 7410x with Redis

This is the second of a 2 part post about how we improved query performance on our analytics dashboard by over 7000x. All just by moving some of our data from MySQL to Redis. Part 1 was a technical explanation of the setup, while part 2 shows the benchmarks we saw when comparing fetching data from both systems...”

Cactus Kev’s Poker Hand Evaluator

“A while ago, I decided to take a shot at writing a poker hand evaluator in the programming language “C”. There are already numerous evaluators out there, but I had an idea for an algorithm that might be faster than anything already out there. The basic concept is to write a routine that would take a five card poker hand and return it’s overall “value”. This is extremely valuable in any poker-related software, since the code will constantly be comparing various player’s hand with each other to determine the “winner”. Here is my concept on how I thought I could write a fast evaluator…”

My Top 100 Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part One

“I was recently interviewed by Fog Creek and one of the questions was about my favorite programming, coding and development books. I got very excited by this question as I’m a huge book nerd. And by a huge book nerd I mean I’m crazy about science, computer and programming books. Every few months I spend a day or two researching the latest literature and buying the most interesting titles. I could probably go on forever about my favorite books. I’ve so many.

I was so excited about this question that I decided to start a new article series here on catonmat about my top 100 programming, software development, science, physics, mathematics and computer books. I’ll do five books at a time as breaking huge tasks in tiny sub tasks is the easiest way to get things done…”