Open Stack Swift is Enterprise Ready! No more triple copies, EC Erasure Correction Brings it Home!

“The most exciting develpment in Swift since its start! Brings Swift to the Enterprise.

As you might already know I enjoy talking and discussing technology both Storage and data protection.

In this case I like to share with you my findings on Swift one of the primary projects of Openstack.

First, Swift is 100% python so if you are doing or learning python already. AWESOME! Good for you.

In the beginning of swift, there was no Erasure code and the impact is that additional space is taken up to bring redundancy to data by making 3 copies or 2.

So, Why is this important?

Huge impact! With erasure code we gain back space without the concern of losing data and having to mirror the data 3 times.

In Triple replication we copy an object 3 times in separate locations.

With reduced replication we copy the object in 2 separate locations

With Erasure coding we have fragments of the object in N # of locations…”