“Machine learning is everywhere these days. It’s on your smartphone automatically classifying and organizing your photos. It’s in your email account filtering out spam and other emails you don’t want to read. It’s on recommending products and personalizing your online shopping experience. It’s in your connected car helping the voice-controlled interface understand you.

Right now, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are the biggest players battling to dominate the very fast-growing machine learning cloud services market. IBM further strengthened its position in the market with the recent acquisition of AlchemyAPI, a leading deep learning-based machine learning services platform. Only time will tell which of these companies will succeed in capturing the lion’s share of the machine learning cloud services market.

The APIs that made it to our top 10 machine learning APIs list offer a wide range of capabilities including image tagging, face recognition, document classification, speech recognition, predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, and pattern recognition. The APIs also scored well against a diverse set of criteria:

  • Popularity
  • Potential
  • Documentation
  • Ease of use
  • Functionality

API popularity is determined using a variety of metrics including ProgrammableWeb followers, GitHub activity, Twitter activity, and search engine popularity based on Google Trends.

Many machine learning APIs that, while popular, did not quite have the metrics to make it into the top 10 machine learning APIs list. Just a few of the APIs worth mentioning are,Cogito, DataSift, iSpeech, Microsoft Project Oxford, Mozscape, and OpenCalais…”