Hackable HTTP proxy to simulate server failure scenarios and unexpected network conditions

toxy is a fully programmatic and hackable HTTP proxy to simulate server failure scenarios and unexpected network conditions, built for node.js/io.js.

It was mainly designed for fuzzing/evil testing purposes, when toxy becomes particularly useful to cover fault tolerance and resiliency capabilities of a system, especially in service-oriented architectures, where toxy may act as intermediate proxy among services.

toxy allows you to plug in poisons, optionally filtered by rules, which essentially can intercept and alter the HTTP flow as you need, performing multiple evil actions in the middle of that process, such as limiting the bandwidth, delaying TCP packets, injecting network jitter latency or replying with a custom error or status code.

toxy can be fluently used programmatically or via HTTP API. It’s compatible with connect/express, and it was built on top of rocky, a full-featured middleware-oriented HTTP proxy.

Requires node.js +0.12 or io.js +1.6…”