KVM creators open-source fast Cassandra drop-in replacement Scylla

“Two key figures behind popular open-source hypervisor KVM are today unveiling a new NoSQL database that they describe as a far faster drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.

The Scylla database, from KVM inventor Avi Kivity and the man who oversaw the hypervisor’s development, Dor Laor, offers what they say is 10 times better throughput and latency than wide column store Cassandra, while maintaining complete compatibility.”…

“Scylla has been written in C++ 14 – together with the project’s Seastar programming model. The Seastar C++ application framework is designed for high concurrency server applications and described on GitHub as “an event-driven framework allowing you to write non-blocking, asynchronous code in a relatively straightforward manner”…