Natural Language Basics with TextBlob

“Natural Language Processing” is a field at the intersection of computer science, linguistics and artificial intelligence which aims to make the underlying structure of language available to computer programs for analysis and manipulation. It’s a vast and vibrant field with a long history! New research and techniques are being developed constantly.

The aim of this chapter is to introduce a few simple concepts and techniques from NLP—just the stuff that’ll help you do creative things quickly, and maybe open the door for you to understand more sophisticated NLP concepts that you might encounter elsewhere.

The most commonly known library for doing NLP in Python is NLTK. NLTK is a fantastic library, but it’s also a writhing behemoth: large and slippery and difficult to understand. TextBlob is a simpler, more humane interface to much of NLTK’s functionality: perfect for NLP beginners or poets that just want to get work done…