Converting Plaid to Kotlin: Lessons learned

“People often ask me about the advantages of writing Android Apps using Kotlin. The thing is that I never directly converted an Android App from Java to Kotlin, so it’s always a difficult question to answer. Explaining a lot of abstract features without putting them into context is not always the best way to tell about the goodness of a language.

So, after testing Plaid, the app developed by Nick Butcher, and being marvelled about the awesome look and transitions of the App, I wanted to know more about it. And what a better way than rewriting the App into Kotlin?

I just converted HomeActivity and wanted to compare the resulting code, what things are drastically improved and, of course, give you access to the code so that you can extract your own conclusions. My first disclaimer is that, though it may happen or not, my main goal is not converting the whole App to Kotlin. It’s quite big, so not sure if I’ll find the time (or the need) to do it…”