Recent improvements to Redis Lua scripting

“Lua scripting is probably the most successful Redis feature, among the ones introduced when Redis was already pretty popular: no surprise that a few of the things users really want are about scripting. The following two features were suggested multiple times over the last two years, and many people tried to focus my attention into one or the other during the Redis developers meeting, a few weeks ago.

1. A proper debugger for Redis Lua scripts.
2. Replication, and storage on the AOF, of Lua scripts as a set of write commands materializing the *effects* of the script, instead of replicating the script itself as we normally do.

The second feature is not just a matter of how scripts are replicated, but also touches what you can do with Lua scripting as we will see later. Back from London, I implemented both the features. This blog post describes both, giving a few hints about the design and implementation aspects that may be interesting for the readers…”