Deep Learning – An MIT Press book in preparation


    • Can I get a PDF of this book?
      No, our contract with MIT Press forbids distribution of too easily copied electronic formats of the book. Google employees who would like a paper copy of the book can send Ian the name of the printer nearest their desk and he will send a print job to that printer containing as much of the book as you would like to read.
    • Why are you using HTML format for the drafts?
      This format is a sort of weak DRM. It’s intended to discourage unauthorized copying/editing of the book. Unfortunately, the conversion from PDF to HTML is not perfect, and some things like subscript expressions do not render correctly. If you have a suggestion for a better way of making the book available to a wide audience while preventing unauthorized copies, please let us know.
    • What is the best way to print the HTML format?
      Printing seems to work best printing directly from the browser, using Chrome.
    • When will the book come out?
      It’s difficult to predict. We’re doing our best to finish it as soon as possible. We expect to deliver the manuscript to reviews by January, but there will be some delay with review, typesetting, etc.
      Please contact us if you are interested in using the textbook for course materials in the short term, we may be able to find a way to accommodate you.