Why I switched to Android after 7 years of iOS

Monday of last week I was all excited. I had just gotten the green light to start prototyping a new Progressive Web App for a client I’ve been working with.

I pulled out an older Android phone that I keep around for development. Then I also got my sleek, new, shiny iPhone 6s out of my pocket, with its smooth curves and speedy OS. But as I looked at my iPhone I was kind of bummed out.

I realized that this slick piece of Apple hardware was less capable as a platform for web applications than my dusty old Android dev phone.

At that point I knew I was over iOS.

So, instead of opening my text editor I placed an order for a Nexus 6P and signed up for Google fi phone service (which is awesome, btw).

Just like that, after 7-some years, bye bye iOS.