Balde – A microframework for C based on GLib and bad intentions

It is designed to be fast, simple, and memory efficient. Most of its architecture is based on other microframeworks, like Flask, and it can run on any web server that supports SCGI.

With balde you can serve hundreds of requests per second with a minimal memory footprint and all the performance features provided by SCGI.


  • Simple templating engine, that converts markup to C code that is linked directly to the application binary.
  • Static resources are embedded and served from the application binary.
  • RESTful request dispatching. Supports most HTTP methods.
  • Reverse resolution of URLs (similar to Flask’s “url_for” function).
  • Secure cookies (client side sessions).
  • File uploads.
  • Compatible with SCGI and CGI servers.
  • Runs on any GLib-capable system.