Image Processing with scikit-image

Take a couple words, alter them a bit and you’ve got a CAPTCHA. You’ve also got an image which is practically unidentifiable by even the most state of the art algorithms. Image analysis is hard, and even a simple task like distinguishing cats from dogs requires a large amount of graduate level mathematics.

Yet incredible progress has been made on these types of problems. One amazing use of machine vision has been for quality control in manufacturing. For an industry that relies heavily on optimizing automated processes, image analysis has demonstrated extremely promising results, as noted by Sight Machine CEO Jon Sobel in a recent WIRED article.

“The new computer vision, liberated from its hardware shackles and empowered by connectivity, unlimited data storage and Big Data-style statistical analysis, is beginning to change the role of vision in manufacturing. Instead of being a reactive tool to detect defects, computer vision is becoming a data collection tool supporting defect prevention initiatives, improving understanding of complex processes, and enabling greater collaboration across entire supply chains in real time.”

Jon Sobel; Liberating Machine Vision From the Machines