Video Streaming – Methodology

If you had a computer while growing up, you would mostly remember the games you used to play on it. Watching videos on it wouldn’t have been always as fun, as it is now today. They used to buffer a lot and were pixelated.  A lot has changed since the 90s.

In the present, around 4 billion video views are alone on YouTube, per day. Today, apart from YouTube, multiple websites such as : Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu,Veoh , Netflix and Twitch have enabled the world to produce thousands of hours of live streaming video. Many popular TV shows are accessible all over the Web, letting us catch up on them on various platforms using different technologies to stream.

Streaming providers are becoming so good at viewer content prediction, that no one particular show is insanely popular. One can only imagine the size of such a market since mobile is cheap, very accessible, and a dominant platform for image and video creation.