Dynamic tracing talk

Dynamic tracing technology is a kind of post-modern advanced debugging techniques. It can help software engineers at a very low cost in a very short period of time, to answer some difficult questions about the software systems to more quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems. It is the rise of a large and prosperous background, we are in a rapid growth of the Internet age, as an engineer, faced with the challenge of two aspects: First, the number of size, regardless of the size of the user or the size of the room, are in the machine the rapid growth era. A second aspect of the challenge is the complexity. Our business logic more complex, we run the software systems are becoming more complex, and we know it will be divided into many, many levels, including the operating system kernel and above is a variety of system software, such as database and Web server, and then up virtual machines high-level scripting language or other language interpreter and real-time (JIT) compiler, various levels of abstraction on top of it is the business logic of the application level and a lot of complex code logic.