Sikuli: Automate Anything You See on Screen (

Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen. It uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components. It is useful when there is no easy access to a GUI’s internal or source code.

How can I learn and use Sikuli?

To get a first impression about SikuliXHello World Example is a good starting point. You can continue to follow the examples in the tutorials and the videos. You can learn most about SikuliX by reading the documentation.
SikuliX currently uses Python as the scripting language. To learn more start here: [How to] get deeper into Python language. Python scripting is well supported by the Sikuli-IDE (JRuby available with version 1.1.0 and more scripting languages to come). You can use Sikuli’s features in your Java programs as well using SikuliX API and in many other Java aware scripting languages and environments (more Info: start here).For Sikuli Slides everything you need can be found on the homepage.