Netflix Billing Migration to AWS

On January 4, 2016, right before Netflix expanded itself into 130 new countries, Netflix Billing infrastructure became 100% AWS cloud-native. Migration of Billing infrastructure from Netflix Data Center(DC) to AWS Cloud was part of a broader initiative. This prior blog post is a great read that summarizes our strategic goals and direction towards AWS migration.  

For a company, its billing solution is its financial lifeline, while at the same time, it is a visible representation of a company’s attitude towards its customers. A great customer experience is one of Netflix’s core values. Considering the sensitive nature of Billing for its direct impact on our monetary relationship with our members as well on financial reporting, this migration needed to be handled as delicately as possible. Our primary goal was to define a secure, resilient and granular path for migration to the Cloud, without impacting the member experience.

This blog entry discusses our approach to migration of a complex Billing ecosystem from Netflix Data Center(DC) into AWS Cloud.