A Course in Machine Learning

Machine learning is the study of algorithms that learn from data and experience. It is applied in a vast variety of application areas, from medicine to advertising, from military to pedestrian. Any area in which you need to make sense of data is a potential consumer of machine learning.

CIML is a set of introductory materials that covers most major aspects of modern machine learning (supervised learning, unsupervised learning, large margin methods, probabilistic modeling, learning theory, etc.). It’s focus is on broad applications with a rigorous backbone. A subset can be used for an undergraduate course; a graduate course could probably cover the entire material and then some.

You may obtain the written materials by purchasing a ($55) print copy, by downloading the entire book, or by downloading individual chapters below. If you find the electronic version of the book useful and would like to donate a small amount to support further development, that’s always appreciated! You can get the source code for the book, labs and other teaching materials on GitHub. The current version is 0.9 (the “beta” pre-release).