Visualizing How Developers Rate Their Own Programming Skills

Stack Overflow, the favorite destination for software developers when something breaks for no apparent reason, recently released their 2016 Stack Overflow Survey Results with responses to the questions of “where they work, what they build, and who they are.” You can download the released dataset containing all 56,030 cleaned responses here.

One variable present in the dataset but surprisingly unaddressed in the official Stack Overflow analysis is theprogramming_ability field — On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your programming ability?

I took a look at the 46,982 users who identified their programming ability in the survey. On average, developers rate themselves 7.09 / 10. And like most 1-10 rating scales, the distribution of self-assessments is unimodal around 7 and 8, with relatively rare 9’s and 10’s.