Way Faster Perl

Some time ago I posted two comments in the Perl group about the “speed” topic. The Need for Speed: use 5.024; and The Quest for Speed: What not to do. The first one is a simple recommendation to use Perl 5.24 as it really gives your real world application a speedup of roughly 25% overall – sometimes it may be even 200% (regular expressions), sometimes less. The second was basically a negative report on my compile optimization endeavors and the lack of (significant) success. On a side note, I debunked the performance claims of cperl – which is something I am truly sorry about, because some day I really would like to see cperl to actually be where it claims to be today.

I also promised to write a thing or two about what you really should do, when you’re looking for performance (aka execution speed) in your Perl programs. If your goal is not 25% improvement and not even 200% or anything short of “10 times as fast as the original code”, then this article is for you.