A More Flexible Paxos

With systems getting more and more distributed, the Paxos algorithm has been gaining popularity. However, a major drawback with today’s configurations is that you cannot run too many Paxos servers in a quorum. The sweet spot seems to be five servers. Those who run only three have to deal with the risk of downtime. Those who run seven or more have to face degraded write performance.

In short, it seems that you have to trade-off between uptime and write performance. However, it is possible to have both if we redefined the quorum rules, and this blog intends to show how.


I’ve learnt about Paxos relatively recently. So, I could have misunderstood some things. Feel free to correct me if there are flaws.
The proposed variation looks fairly straightforward to me. Strangely, I haven’t seen this discussed elsewhere. Also, if the idea is noteworthy, a formal proof will need to be worked on.