MILAGRO – Distributed Cryptosystem for Cloud Computing

Apache Milagro (incubating) establishes a new internet security framework purpose-built for cloud-connected app-centric software and IoT devices that require Internet scale. Milagro’s purpose is to provide a secure, free, and positive open source alternative to centralised and proprietary monolithic trust providers such as commercial certificate authorities and the certificate backed cryptosystems that rely on them.

Milagro is an open source, pairing-based cryptographic platform that delivers solutions for device and end user authentication, secure communications and fintech / blockchain security; issues challenging Cloud Providers and their customers. It does this without the need for certificate authorities, putting into place a new category of service providers called Distributed Trust Authorities (D-TA®).

Milagro’s M-Pin® protocol, and its existing open-source MIRACL® implementation on which MILAGRO is built, is already in use by Experian, NTT, Ingram Micro, and Gov.UK and rolled out to perform at Internet scale for Zero Password® multi-factor authentication and certificate-less HTTPS / secure channel.

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