Opinion Mining Extraction of opinions from free text

There’s a lot of buzzword around the term “Sentiment Analysis” and the various ways of doing it. Great! So you report with reasonable accuracies what the sentiment about a particular brand or product is.

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

After publishing this report, your client comes back to you and says “Hey this is good. Now can you tell me ways in which I can convert the negative sentiments into positive sentiments?” – Sentiment Analysis stops there and we enter the realms of Opinion Mining. Opinion Mining is about having a deeper understanding of the review that was written. Typically, a detailed review will not just have a sentiment attached to it. It will have information and valuable feedback that can literally help to build the next strategy. Over time, some powerful methods have been developed using Natural Language Processing and computational linguistics to extract these subjective opinions.

Opinion Mining

In this blog we will study the stepping stone to Opinion Mining – grammatically tagging a sentence. It will help us break a sentence down into its underlying grammatical structure – nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. that will help us associate what was said about what. Once we are capable enough to do that, we can extract useful opinions that will help us answer the question posed by our client above.