15 Years of Concurrency

In a Tale of Three Safeties, we discussed three kinds of safety: type, memory, and concurrency. In this follow-on article, we will dive deeper into the last, and perhaps the most novel yet difficult, one. Concurrency-safety led me to the Midori project in the first place, having spent years on .NET and C++ concurrency models leading up to joining. We built some great things that I’m very proud of during this time. Perhaps more broadly interesting, however, are the reflections on this experience after a few years away from the project.

I’ve tried to write this article about 6 times since earlier this year, and I’m thrilled to finally share it. I hope that it’s useful to anyone interested in the field, and especially anybody who is actively innovating in this area. Although the code samples and lessons learned are deeply rooted in C#, .NET, and the Midori project, I have tried to generalize the ideas so they are easily consumable regardless of programming language.