Start Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development SDK by Google and we’ve recently started experimenting with it.

Now why did it interest us?

  1. Consistency of UI elements.
  2. Lot of predefined widgets which serve as building blocks for making complex pages easily.
  3. Performance is faster because of reduced interaction between the Native Layer and Runtime Environment. Instead, Flutter uses a compiled programming language, namely Dart. Dart allows Flutter to communicate with the platform without going through a JavaScript bridge.
  4. Flutter does not use the OEM widgets or DOM WebViews, but provides its own widgets that look and feel good, are fast, and are customizable and extensible.
  5. Flutter ignores the traditional model of layout. In Flutter, each widget specifies its own simple layout model. Since each widget has a much smaller set of layout rules to consider, layout can be heavily optimised. What’s more, almost everything in Flutter is considered as a widget.
  6. Less chances of ending up writing a buggy code as we have a lesser need of implementing external libraries.

So, while we’re working on our first open source Flutter theme, we’ve taken the initiative of Start Flutter, a library of free and open source Flutter templates.

For now, we’ve curated and added three open source themes, i.e….