Pragmatic D Tutorial

“This tutorial does not explore deeply into the syntax and semantic of D nor does it try to cover every feature. Since D is a large language, it does not make sense to learn everything, before you start using it. Instead this tries to provide pragmatic information to enable you to start coding ASAP. For details, links are provided for further study.

D is multi-paradigm and thus suited for procedural, object-oriented, functional, and generic programming. However, this tutorial is not a guide on design, when to use what paradigm, therefore it does not cover these aspects…”

Web Development in D

“With its speed, safety, and expressiveness, D excels for web development. However, D is not yet thought of as a compelling choice in that area. The best D tools and techniques for web development are young and not well known at this time. This talk will fix that by providing an overview of the web development libraries, solutions and techniques available to D users today…”

Thoughts on immutability in D

“Const/immutability in D is great just as it is. I’ve been through the pain of finding non-deterministic bugs in multi-threaded code, so I really appreciate D’s guarantees. I can see his point in liking the idea of a weaker logical single-threaded const. I don’t see any reason why an escapable logical const shouldn’t exist in D in the future, but then I don’t design compilers or languages…”

G-WAN + 10 GbE make your servers fly 320,000x higher

“Use Asm C C++ C# D Go Java Javascript Lua Objective-C Perl PHP Python Ruby and Scalascripts with G-WAN.

By offering scripts for both compiled and interpreted languages, G-WAN delivers the productivity that has made less efficient frameworks popular for Web development.

Scripts let you test your code by just pressing F5 in the Web browser. With Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx you have to stop the server, recompile and link your C source code modules, and then restart the server – each time you need to edit your code.

G-WAN lets you get the most of both worlds: efficiency and convenience…”