Erlang Garbage Collection Details and Why It Matters

“One of the main problems that Erlang tried to solve was creating a platform for implementing Soft Realtime systems with a high level of responsiveness. Such systems require a fast Garbage Collection mechanism that doesn’t stop the system from responding in a timely manner. In other hand Garbage Collection gets more importance when we consider Erlang as an Immutable language with Non-destructive Update property, because there is a high rate of producing garbage in such languages…”

Functional Programming in the Real World

“Here is a list of functional programs applied to real-world tasks. The main criterion for being real-world is that the program was written primarily to perform some task, not primarily to experiment with functional programming. Functional is used in the broad sense that includes both `pure’ programs (no side effects) and `impure’ (some use of side effects). Languages covered include CAML, Clean, Erlang, Haskell, Miranda, Scheme, SML, and others…”

mnesia + leveldb: liberating mnesia from the limitations of DETS

“Mnesia offers various database features, but restricts users to a few storage engines with substantial limitations. This talk describes mnesia_ext, an extension which allows arbitrary storage engines to be plugged into mnesia, and how Klarna used this to migrate parts of its database to LevelDB. We will also talk about our experiences with LevelDB, and some improvements we have made…”
slides: 143415340626199euc2015mnesialeveldb

Go vs Erlang for distribution

“Let me say from the beginning that this is not meant as a flame post. I’m genuinely interested in some issues related to Erlang’s adoption and how people outside of its community see its fitness for the domain where the insiders know it shines – building distributed systems…”

“what do Erlang programmers think about Go stealing some of the mindshare (and job-share) in the area of building distributed systems? Why would if be a good option? Or not an option at all? Just professional opinions based on your experience with Erlang please…”!topic/erlang-programming/nFWfmwK64RU