Node.js APIs on AWS — the pros and cons of Express versus Serverless

Recently I have been playing around with Serverless + AWS lambda and I have to say, I have been awestruck.

Over the past few years I have almost exclusively used Express and AWS EC2(and more recently Docker) to build JavaScript REST APIs.

This piece outlines the pros and cons of Express and Serverless and explains why it made sense for our team at Pilcro to switchover. This piece is aimed at tech teams looking to deploy and manage Node.js APIs on AWS (or similar).

Getting started with Hapi 17

Hapi 17 was recently released, and brings an exciting change — in an effort to drive adoption of async/await, the entire codebase replaced callbacks with the newer language feature.

This makes for some changes to how you configure your application. The intent of this post is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.