SlimerJS – A scriptable browser for Web developers

> Opening a webpage,
> Clicking on links,
> Modifying the content…

SlimerJS is useful to do functional tests, page automation, network monitoring, screen capture, web scraping etc.

SlimerJS is similar to PhantomJs, except that it runs on top of Gecko, the browser engine of Mozilla Firefox, instead of Webkit, and is not truly headless when running with Firefox 55 or older.

SlimerJS is compatible with CasperJS 1.1!!

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Configuring & Optimizing WebSocket Compression

“Good news, browser support for the latest draft of “Compression Extensions” for WebSocket protocol — a much needed and overdue feature — will be landing in early 2014: Chrome M32+ (available in Canary already), and Firefox and Webkit implementations should follow.

Specifically, it enables the client and server to negotiate a compression algorithm and its parameters, and then selectively apply it to the data payloads of each WebSocket message: the server can compress delivered data to the client, and the client can compress data sent to the server…”