Kotlin 1.1 Released with JavaScript Support, Coroutines and more

Our vision for Kotlin is to enable the use of a single expressive, performant, strongly typed language across all components of a modern application. Kotlin 1.1 makes two major steps towards this goal.

First, the JavaScript target is no longer experimental, and supports all Kotlin language features, a large part of the standard library, as well as JavaScript interoperability. This allows you to migrate the browser frontend of your applications to Kotlin, while continuing to use modern JavaScript development frameworks such as React.

Second, we’re introducing support for coroutines. As a lightweight alternative to threads, coroutines enable much more scalable application backends, supporting massive workloads on a single JVM instance. In addition to that, coroutines are a very expressive tool for implementing asynchronous behavior, which is important for building responsive user interfaces on all platforms.

Below we describe these two changes further. In other news: we’ve added type aliases, bound callable references, destructuring in lambdas and more. See the details in our What’s new page (check out the runnable examples!).

Kotlin 1.1 Released with JavaScript Support, Coroutines and more

Kotlin Early Access Preview

“We’re happy to announce the beginning of the public Early Access Preview program for Kotlin. The program gives you a chance to try out new versions of Kotlin before they are officially released to the public, and to give your feedback.

Right now the Early Access Preview builds for Kotlin 1.0 Release Candidate are available.

To use the new builds from Maven or Gradle: add https://dl.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlin-eap/19 as a repository to your project. The EAP build version is ​1.0.0-rc-1017

To install the EAP version of the IntelliJ IDEA plugin: open Tools | Kotlin | Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates in the main menu, select the Early Access Preview channel, press the Check for updates now button

New features and changes (draft): https://gist.github.com/abreslav/f60fc0de060e7ed721c9104

If you’re a library maintainer, ​please don’t publish updates of your library​ compiled with the EAP build to your main Maven repository. This is necessary to ensure that users don’t run into unexpected compatbility issues.(edited)

As usual, please report issues to YouTrack: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/KT7”