Five Months of Kubernetes

For the past year, Descomplica moved towards a more service-oriented architecture for its core components (auth, search, etc) and we’ve been using Elastic Beanstalk from the start to orchestrate the deployment of those services to AWS.

It was a good decision at the time. In general, Elastic Beanstalk works fine and has a very gentle learning curve; it didn’t take long for all teams to start using it for their projects.

Fast-forward a few months, everything was nice and good. Our old problems were solved, but – as you might have guessed – we had new ones to worry about.

Kubernetes The Hard Way

This tutorial will walk you through setting up Kubernetes the hard way. This guide is not for people looking for a fully automated command to bring up a Kubernetes cluster. If that’s you then check out Google Container Engine, or the Getting Started Guides.

This tutorial is optimized for learning, which means taking the long route to help people understand each task required to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes

Introducing Phippy, an intrepid little PHP app, and her journey to Kubernetes.

What is this? Well, I wrote a book that explains Kubernetes. We posted a video version to the Kubernetes community blog. If you find us at a conference, you stand a chance to pick up a physical copy. But for now, here’s a blog post version!

And after you’ve finished reading, tweet something at @opendeis for a chance to win a squishy little Phippy toy of your own. Not sure what to tweet? Why don’t you tell us about yourself and how you use Kubernetes!