LFE Cowboy Examples

LFE ports of the Cowboy examples.

Example Description
chunked-hello-world demonstrate chunked data transfer with two one-second delays
compress-response send a response body compressed if the client supports it
cookie set cookies from server and client side
echo-get parse and echo a GET query string
echo-post parse and echo a POST parameter
error-hook provide custom error pages
eventsource eventsource emitter and consumer
hello-world simplest example application
markdown-middleware static file handler with markdown preprocessor
rest-hello-world return the data type that matches the request type (html, json or text)
rest-basic-auth basic HTTP authorization with REST
rest-pastebin create text objects and return the data type that matches the request type (html, text)
rest-stream-response stream results from a data store
ssl-hello-world simplest SSL application
static-world static file handler
web-server serve files and list directory entries
websocket websocket example
upload multipart/form-data upload