Maps in Flutter

At AppTree, we recently made the jump to Flutter to replace our existing iOS and Android applications. A major part of our application is mapping.

Flutter is still in alpha and as such, still has functional areas yet to be completely built out. However we find Flutter to be so useful that we prefer to fill any gaps ourselves rather than waiting to adopt it when it’s fully matured. Fortunately, the Flutter team has come up with a great solution by allowing early adopters to build plugins.

Predicting the Future with Google Maps APIs

Planning journeys ahead of time has always been difficult, since traffic conditions vary greatly over time. Developers have used live traffic data from the Google Maps APIs for years to help drivers with this problem, but up to now, this has been available only for journeys starting very close to now, and limited to Google Maps for Work customers only.

Today we’re extending traffic predictions in the Google Maps APIs indefinitely into the future – a feature we call predictive travel times. This will let developers plan journeys hours, days or even weeks in advance, using Google’s model of what the traffic conditions will be like on that day. We’re also making all traffic features in Directions API and Distance Matrix API available under our Standard Plan (2500 requests/day for free, with pay-as-you-go pricing for extra requests), and increasing the waypoint limit in Directions API for these developers from 8 to 23 waypoints. (Traffic features and higher waypoint limits in the JavaScript Maps API are available to Google Maps for Work customers for now.)…