Practical Natural Language Processing for Determing Wifi Quality in Hostels

“I was planning my trip to Amsterdam in January and was looking through hostels in Hostel World filtering for different features and amenities. One amenity that I thought I would definitely need was free wifi if I wanted to do some programming from the hostel and also just because life demands it in general. While there’s a ton of hostels that offer free wifi, I’ve definitely been at the end of the stick where the quality of wifi has been unmentionably bad. This probably goes for hotels as well as hostels, but generally hostels are cheaper and offer less in the way of complementary services.

That got me thinking about creating an interesting application that could judge the quality of wifi in reviews. Randomly I decided to spin up a new idea for a scraping/api for Hostel World where I could actually find the reviews that mention wifi and other amenities that would be useful. Instead of meticulously scanning through hundreds of reviews, I could just scrape the reviews, parse out keywords, and assign sentiment scores to each review…”